Veganism and the California Drought


I started this blog for fun and it’s still for fun – not sure how people will feel about me posting up news like this, rather than straight recipes, but I saw this and found it really interesting…

In an article titled “It’s Time to Consider Veganism if You Care About California’s Drought”‘s Mike Pearl writes:

Last week, Jerry Brown, the governor of drought-stricken California, decreed that water usage in his state’s cities and towns should be cut down by 25 percent.

That’s likely a necessary measure in a bona fide crisis—California has been in an official drought emergency since January 2014—but the order doesn’t cover farms, which use 80 percent of the state’s water.

Agriculture makes up a small percentage of the California economy, but big-time farmers still wield a lot of political power, which may have helped them escape the restrictions placed upon everyone else.

Some activists are understandably pissed off about this. Liam Cronin, a PETA spokesman, told me that Brown’s order is “kind of like treating a splinter when someone has cut your arm off.”

He has a different plan for fighting the drought: go vegan. On April 3, PETA sent a letter to Brown urging a ban on meat and dairy at all state-run institutions… Click here to read the rest of the post.

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