Since discovering the delights of vegetarian and vegan food, I have completely filled a large Lever Arch File folder with printed out recipes. 

Last summer, as my family and I drove around France, I even brought this folder with me, so attached was I to the recipes within!

Reason being, eating vegetarian and vegan food, always gluten-free and sometimes raw, is enormously important to me, and I didn’t want to end up chowing down on a sausage or steak simply because I was bereft of ideas!

Suffice to say that, to save the forests and some luggage space, rather than saving the recipes as Word documents, printing them out and carrying them around the world, I decided create this blog. I will add pretty much all the recipes from my old collection and new discoveries.

Initially my idea was to just put a pic of the dish and a link to the recipe. However it occurred to me that if a site I am linking to disappears for whatever reason, then my recipe disappears! So I have included the recipes with links to the site where they come from.

I don’t know if the owners of these sites will be happy about this or not, I am not sure what the etiquette is … but so far, that’s the plan!

Yasmin x


Is one of your recipes on here and you’re not happy about it?

I have had one blogger who asked me to remove her recipe – I am now a bit nervous about if people are going to object to me showcasing their recipes.

I do hope that people will see these recipes as a free ad for their sites!!!

Just so you know, every blog goes out on my Facebook and Twitter, reaching quite a few thousand people so hopefully it works for you! And also, I hope you will see, it’s not much different to me copying the URL and sending it to friends…

But if you don’t feel like this, please just drop me a line and I will remove your recipe and links pronto!

I am listening to this right now and hope to help promote healthy eating, as well as my stated intention above which is to have a place to store awesome recipes online.

PS If you want to get in touch, please use this form – thanks!

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